Welcome to Anime Pocket!

A website dedicated to the IRC channel of the same name!


So, where exactly can you find Anime Pocket?

Good question. Anime Pocket can be found on IRC at: #anime-pocket @ irc.mircx.com. Don't know how to use IRC? On the navigation menu located on the right, click the "How to use mIRC and IRC" link.

Anime Pocket Radio - http://animepocket.homeftp.net:800

So, what is Anime Pocket and what is its purpose?

I bet you're wondering the true purpose of Anime Pocket. Well, Anime Pocket's true purpose is to provide ANIME free of charge! Our mission is allow fan subbed anime the ability to be spread throughout IRC without much fuss. Of course, other channels do this, but we want to create a community in which such anime could be shared.

Anime Pocket has a 150 gig dump server dedicated to its members. Those who serve in the channel for a week get access to it. Of course, it doesn't stop there. If you continue to serve, you'll get access to the server for the next following weeks. Everyone who gets access is encouraged to upload what you can. This will allow our collection to become even larger. The more the better. Anime Pocket is also on the strive to collect new and freshly subbed anime. So, those who get access to the dump get immediate access to freshly subbed anime. After all, new anime is released every week.



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