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AE had to switch hosts. My old host wanted to use his bandwidth in more colorful ways that are outside the boundaries of Anime Edge. So, AE will be here for the time being.



I have returned with my NO-UPDATING self *cries*

Yes, I know I don't update frequently, however, I am hard at work with another anime website. Odd, huh? Well, this site is dedicated for an IRC Channel is that directly in affiliation with Anime Edge

Anime Pocket

Yep, you heard correctly. Anime Pocket is a channel serving ANIME!! You can download full length anime movies and episodes from this channel. Just come visit Anime Pocket at:

You will need Mirc or some IRC client to join. If you are confused, check out "" for more info on how to use Mirc. If you can get your hands on Mirc or any other IRC client, you can not only just download anime episodes and full length anime movies. You can download entire anime OSTs (Sound Tracks!). Plus, from what I hear, there is a large demand for Ragnarok Online music. You can definitely download the entire sound track there.

If you'd like to test Anime Pocket before you get Mirc, then visit the chat section. It leads directly to Anime Pocket.


Hello visitors of AE!! AE is now in collaboration with Romulation!! (
The website is dedicated to providing ROMS, anime and everything else through IRC (you can visit them through AE's chat).

AE and Romulation has formed an Anime and Techno radio station! If you'd like to tune in then click here:

If you're having problems, just load this URL through Real Player, Windows Media or Winamp. With Winamp, you can simply hold "CTRL" and press "L" to bring up the URL or location field. Put the URL there and click ok.

Every MP3 file on AE is broadcasted on this radio station. The station even has new anime songs that aren't found here. A good example is the Final Fantasy Unlimited OST or the Read or Die OST. You may even listen to Macross II's OST and much much more. Best of all, it's free! All you have to do is click!


Ah, yes! AE has a new design!! Hopefully many of you like it. I am a bit skeptical on how it looks on higher resolutions. If you feel that the page looks like utter crap, then please send me a message through the BBS! It is your sworn duty!

Big news today. It seemed as though AE was using too much bandwidth over the last few months. So, all of the anime clips have been redirected to This connection may be slower for some, but I had to think of alternatives rather than just deleting the clips all together.


I've added a chat to AE! Now all of you can go there now and chat away!! The chat is moderated, but they are very lenient there. I advise that you go check it out!


I'm back!! This time, with an update!!

I finally got my hands on a scanner! Wooo! The Drawing Tutorials have been updated. They aren't finished, but they've been updates nevertheless ^_^"". Go check them out and enjoy!


Hello there! I finally fixed up the main page. It wasn't easy!!

Anyway, I need to start using flash on this page. My host ( has a good head start on me. I wanna catch up ^_^. Soon, AE will be animated in flash. Don't know exactly when.


It's actually been 2 months since a creditable update has been made! Well, don't expect much now. ^_^"".

Anyway, I finally got my hands on the 3rd Happy Lesson OAV. Well, I've had it for a few months now.

Some good news. AE (or me) is hosting a server with anime titles such as Chobits 1 - 17, Happy Lesson OAV and TV as well as Record of Lodoss War TV/OAV, Nupu Nupu and some hentai ^_~. It's all free and you can download it on IRC. Where to find? Good question.

Channel: #animextacy


 Look for SQ-Quinton and you'll find what you want. Currently there is 7 gigs of anime on SQ-Quinton. If you can manage to get to an IRC then you might be able to download!

Now, you can definitely expect new anime on AE's website. The anime hosted on the IRC is not decoded in DIVX, so they are rather large. All anime hosted on AE will be decoded in DIVX and they will be very small. Who would want to download a 300 meg file of an anime that's only 30 minutes long? 

Looks like this front page is a mess. Blame Netscape 7 for it. Now, I'll have to create a new design. This could possibly take some time. Oh Well.


I recently got my hands on the Happy Lesson TV series. I couldn't get the 3rd OAV, but that's ok. ^_^""

The first thing I will probably do is focus on Nupu Nupu. The second thing would be to organize the anime clips section of AE. The library is growing and it needs to be a bit more organized.


I finally got the Oekaki working!! After all of those months of pain and suffering, it's finally up. You can reach the Oekaki by clicking on the link above. If you have any problems with the Oekaki, please ask questions in the AE BBS.


I haven't updated in centuries! Ugh! Where have I been? Can't exactly say I've been "busy" ^_^""

Anyit, I've recently came across some pretty awesome animes. The first is a few episodes of DigiCharat: Panyo Panyo. If you haven't heard about this, I'll explain. It's more of like a spinoff. It's done by different artists and is very colorful. I'll upload those episodes later.

The second peice of news is the anime entitled "Nupu". The anime is absolutely hilarious. It's also a very strange anime. If you'd like a sample, then check out Nupu here. I'll provide the rest of the series later.

I wanted to redesign AE, but I don't know anymore. I may not "redesign", but instead, change the theme. I was thinking along the lines of a "summer" theme. I don't want it to be too simple. I'll think of something. ^_^"


    I've added more anime to AE. Chobits and Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. Go download them. 

Nadia is in DIVX 4, but after Nadia, all of the anime I upload will be in DIVX 5.


    I've uploaded another Digi Charat video file! It's in DIVX 5. Go check it out in the Anime Clips section.


    It's been a full month.  I updated AE with a few new anime clips. One being Pretear and the other being Happy Lesson: episode 2. Pretear is in DIVX 5. Anyway, go check them out.


   AHA! I finally did it! The big update is here! Well, I had a few technical difficulties with the site, but they are all fixed! The major update is here!

Ya know, ROD was just recently licensed by Manga Corps. It won't be out untill later this year or early next year. So, while ppl wait for it, why not check it out here at AE!

   Also, AE has a huge Japanese base. What I mean is, a lot of Japanese ppl visit this site. Since AE attracts so many Japanese ppl, I have included a link to a online translator. Currently, Japan is ranked at 3rd for the most hits per country. If one were to do some math, Japan would be in 2nd place while America is at #1 for hits. I obviously can't ignore that part of AE's audience. So, instead of me translating everything myself, I provided the link on every page. 


   Hello there, AE fans!

Soon, AE will undergo a HUGE update. You can expect a lot of things in AE. Here's the list.

  1. 5 new Digi Charat video files (this includes the Gamers ads[2 in total])
  2. ROD ( Read or Die ) clips including the intro and a 5 minute clip of actual anime footage.
  3. The intro to Kokoro Library
  4. The Mp3 of the introduction to Kokoro Library including 3 other Kokoro Library Mp3s
  5. A new AE section called "MAD Data/Music Videos". This section will have music videos
  6. A new MAD data/Music Video anime file called "Awareness"

  7. An mp3 of the 2nd theme song to ROD

  A large update, indeed. Stay tuned for these update to appear.


   The Audio page has been updated with avengence baby!! Go check it out. Many of the Mp3s that didn't work, now work.

words|| Takeshi Takebayashi

AE and the AE webdesign was created by Steven Dotson III. The president of Anime Edge.